Need help viewing/exporting Disney Infinity models

So I have cra0’s disney infinity model extractor that i got from this thread: , and I’m just trying to get the files for Hiro and Baymax, and when I try to extract their .vbuf files it tells me “Cannot read beyond stream” or some crap. Any help as to extracting these models are appreciated, and meanwhile im going to try emailing cra0 for this.

Baymax’s files for anyone who wants to try: (wrong files)

Hiro’s files for anyone who wants to try: (wrong files)

I only downloaded the Baymax file. With the .ibuf file being 1kb in size, and the .vbuf file only 4kb. You might have the wrong files. 3D model data should have a higher data value than that.

Thanks for the info, going to look more into the files in case I have the wrong one.
EDIT: can’t seem to find any other baymax or hiro files, are the files only available if you purchase them?

If it’s a DLC you have to purchase to actually have the characters in-game, then yes.

well shit, going to see if i can get them another way
(thanks by the way)

found an alternative, lower poly, but should work for now. still have no idea of how to get the files.
might be a few more, but this guy has got unfinished models that he plans to release if he gets enough comments on his threads (pretty shitty i know, but still). i’d be willing to port these models and spice them up a bit the best i can, so if you’re interested you really can just comment on his threads and it’ll go on from there when he releases it