Need help w/ map

All my maps are coming up with l4d icons and all my hl2 props are errors. I made this map for a machinima scene and I cant do it without fixing the errors. Also my light_environment is not working, and I hate my skybox choice. Please help D:
I included the bsp and vtf file.

What game are you compiling under?

Garrys mod, I just installed l4d today, so idk

I wouldn’t worry about the icons, it just means the BSP has changed program association, nothing to worry about.

The models going missing, however, looks like an addon conflict. Have you tried running Garry’s Mod without any addons? Just rename your Garry’s Mod folder to garrysmodold or something, run the game and try it fresh.

Okay, someone said that I should use prop_dynamic or something instead of prop_detail. Unless they were talking about lighting. I’m fairly new to mapping so I really just get the just of it.

Prop_detail is an invalid entity for me, it might be in Gmod but I’m not sure, I don’t map for Gmod. All the models (that aren’t on Prop_detail) show up fine for me so it must be something to do with your Garry’s Mod and not the map itself.

Oh alright, well I think if I just change the props from detail to dynamic it could work. What kind of maps have you created?

Various stuff, nothing impressive. They’re all on my website if you want to see them.

Those are pretty impressive. You should put some on for download. I am thinking of moving my site to wordpress, is it easy on that site?

I don’t have most of them any more :saddowns:

And yeah, Wordpress is very easy to use, especially if you enable one-click addon installation/updating.

Yeah I think I am going to get wordpress for my site. Are there alot of custom templates or no?


Posted the fixed version on your comments.

I changed the props to prop_static, and the regular boxes and all to prop_physics.

You also had a few errors i fixed.

If the models dont load for you, it means that you dont have the addons CSS, HL2, enabled for your GarrysMod, or just dont have it at all.

Need anything else just ask.

Thanks alot, works well now. Thanks once again