Need Help: What lines do I edit

Your scrript isn’t doing anything with your health; it gets the value it needs to change it by but does nothing with it.

Also you’re checking if the players health is MORE THEN 1 you need it to check if it’s LESS THEN 1. (You shouldn’t kill the player manually anyway!)

You used to be able to drop it on the ground, now when u buy it you can’t even drop it

I thought so too, but meh.

Damn I was all happy and thought I was making some progress on this and it seems like I’ve only back tracked. Any ideas on why its not doing anything with your health? Also when you do reach “0hp” any amount of damage will kill you, just like if you are at 1hp.

EDIT: Turns out you can drop it I was looking at the changes I made and I had a typo in it. But Now it just does an insta kill, its better than not working but id rather have it kill you by taking away hp.

its not doing anything because your not telling it to