Need help whit MySQL And Cider?

Hello :).
Im gonna make a server there is running a gamemode called “Cider Roleplay”, and i have a bit experince whit LUA. but i need some help whit setting up the database for Cider.

So i would be really happy if anyone could help me whit these problemes:

Where to find a good database.
How to get the database right

  • if you can help add “11freak_boy” over steam or post a replay :=)

  • Thanks

If you are new here, don’t rate yourself “agree” or “winner” or any other things. Also, Google or look on the forums more on how to set up MySQL. Also find a good spell checker, it will help alot whit ur spellin. All i know how to do is put the libsql.dll or something outside your servers garrysmod folder.