Need Help With 3D Escape Menu Button

Basically I have a Scriptfodder addon called 3D Escape. To look at pictures or view the script, click here. Anyways, there are buttons you can click like website, forums, disconnect, and even close the escape menu and go back to playing. Well, I want to add a button so when you click it, it takes you to the main menu. I will leave a small amount of the script below for it to be able to be solved and not be considered a leak. Someone please help i’m lonely and desperate. (P.S. I would ask the creator to help me but he isn’t answering any of my tickets so yeah.) I also added some things like GM:MenuStart() because I was trying to fiddle around and make it work, but it obviously didn’t.

MENU:AddPanel( b )

local b = Button:New()
b:SetHeight( 48 )
b:SetText( "Main Menu" )

function b:Clicked()
	surface.PlaySound( "garrysmod/ui_click.wav" )

Only the addon creator can help you