Need help with 3d max psk importer

okay i have 3d max 2012 with the actor x impoter/exporter. But every time i try and import a psk i get these weird shapes…
I know the models work just for some reason i just cant get the to work right in 3d max…here is a pic of what it looks like after i upload a psk

looks like the model scale is low just increase the import scale then it will look alri

i have tried changing the mesh scale,and bone size not really changed anything except the shape know coming out as a square not sure if i am doing it right

From what game this model? Probably they are not fully supported.

Is it just in max? You can try opening it in milkshape and exporting it as whatever else, if that helps any.

i have tried them in milkshape and they are fine …but some models do not show…i checked with the person that uploaded the files on this site and said they all work fine on 3d max…that is why i tried max to see if i can get the models that wont show in milkshape to load in max but none of the models will load right in max

the models i am trying to get are from this
the ff13 weapons

i am trying to get all of lighitngs gunblades for texnexus so i can put them in to skyrim and oblivion
but they are all in psk format which i never really use. Just trying to convert them to 3ds so i can export them for skyrim/oblivioin

Just change th bones to show as links only. The model is probably lost beneath them

how would i do that…this is my first time using max

Which folder is the gunblade in? I could try to see If I could figure something out.

they are in random order…i know that the closed version is first then the open gunblade
here is the pic of the weapons i am trying to find… i have most of the texture for them but just cant seem to get the models
i know some of the weapons use the same model just a different texture which i had no problem getting the textrue
if some one could help me out that would be awesome…i tried asking the person that posted it but he/she did not really help