Need help with a few lua scripts.

I was wondering if anyone had Permanent weapon scripts meant for “_Undefined’s Point shop”. I can’t code as it is, and I am hoping to start my own TTT server. I’m not sure if this is necessary, but the weapons I need are Pump shotgun, Loud n Kill (Not sure if the G3SG1 is originally Silent), Dual Elite Pistols, Rifle (Scout), Normal Shotgun, P228, M16, and H.U.G.E. If there are any scripts for these, I kind of want them to not be able to reequip them during a round, If at all possible.

It’d help if you described the weapons you want made… but the huge, m16, p228, normal shotgun, rifle are default I think. Pump shotgun might, dual elites might

Not the weapons to be added for random spawning, For the pointshop. So, when people buy it, every round after that, they automatically spawn with it.

That’s a terrible idea but here