Need help with a gamemode

I guess I’m going to attempt to make a basic gamemode so I can keep building upon the idea of trying to make my own proper gamemode that I have planned.
Although I can do some work I need some basic help just some links or sources that can help me on my way. I’m not asking for a book but some general
help I can build upon to try create my own basic gamemode. If anyone could provide something for me to help me it would be very appreciated! Also tips on how
to keep my code tidy?

Folder structure, prefix / postfix files etc are key…

Example: This one supports client, shared, server folders in terms of realms and maps/ folder for maps/<map_name>/* recursive loading in shared realm, etc… Skeleton game-mode, just drag n drop files…

There is a more advanced version, with no repeating code, which I’ll be releasing shortly with these features:

And this structure:

If you’ve never made a game-mode, either dive-in or work off a base. Design the logic ( on paper, in your mind, however; get a solid idea of what it is you want to do before jumping into code ), then code it. Also, break up large problems into smaller problems. No need making a 500 line function if you could use 10 10-20 line functions to accomplish the same goal… Think building blocks, build concise algorithms then piece them together.