Need help with a hacker attack.

Guy :


Decided to join my server and speed hack + delete peoples props. I jail and try talk to him when i get spammed with errors and my screen goes fucked up, i reconnect and have no superadmin and he turned on speedhack + everyones physgun is always on and spamming chat saying “i love cock”

The guy is on this,

THE FACT He sells anti cheat but hacks others servers and does shit like this and ruins our community is so stupid.



Why do people want to seriously fuck up a community server which i have spent a lot of money into so that players can enjoy for fucking idiots like this to wreck it?

Is this sort of hacking against the law because if it is i’m reporting him.

I’ve asked him to come into this thread and tell his side.

wasnt me

It was a faker!

Thanks, was so random. was in some guys house sorting out an issue then i hear a guy shout on me and said this random guy just deleted my door and told me his steam name : Suika Ibuki, so i began to spectate him and he used speed hack towards a gun dealers base and just deleted the props and ran in to try find stuff so i tp to him jail him and i say what hacks are you using, he reply “i dont got hacks” then my screen fucks up crashing me from the server i come back with no super admin he made everyone spam “i love cocks” and put on speedhack. i banned him but he was still on the server. Had to restart and now my server is fucked ill need to rollback a while( A LOT OF FUCKING HARD WORK GONE DOWN THE DRAIN ).

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So your trying to say thats not your steamid?

Me and Toxiq have worked hard on the server for about a month now and for one idiot to come on and just completely wreck it within Ten Minutes is just beyond annoying, and as for your reply we have enough evidence it was you. Dont deny it.

its my steamid, and i was on a random darkrp on the time. grats. the ip isnt mine ps

and idk what proof you have, but feel free to give me it.

okay, how got you the steamid of him?
did you copied from your server or did you google him?

You should’ve made a backup anyways. if you don’t have it you pretty much fail.

what addons did you installed before the hacker “hacked” your server?


This is enough proof. its my logs shows him and me jailing then ohh i dc and he unjails himself. Lieing CUNT

“This guy joined my server, What a hacker!”

thanks for the screen shots.

okay, thats really a proof.
now, therothefallen, did you hack his server or hacked someone your steamaccount?

More to come guys!

This actually sounds like the same guy that hacked the TTT server I was playing on yesterday. I just made a thread a minute ago on the problem I’m having when I played with him.

That’s some real solid proof right there!

The problem is i trust zero but your proofs let me think about it…

He kept spawning that prop when i was spectating,

the Afghan guy was the first person whos props got removed… thats him telling me then i spectated him to see him remove ImLukeBro’s shop

damn, you caught me. me saying “i dont have hacks” and telling you on steam “it wasnt me”

damn, that proof. I don’tr even know how to defend myself

u got me bro

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wtf i spawned 2 props?!?!

damn im a hacker…

i really think he wasn’t the hacker!