Need Help With A Hacker

Alright now i really need help.A guy that i banned for breaking the rules…He used some kind of attack and my internet crashed for like 10 mins.Then he said be my best friend and make me superadmin or hack


Thank you,Rojus

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(It’s on my gmod server that’s why in gmod section)

What he probably did was sending a DDoS attack at you. He’s probably some kid who bought a shell booter from HF that a real hacker created and collected shells for.

Do you host the game server from your home PC?
If so, the chances of you being able to defend yourself against such attacks are very small;
The cheap, but hard way is to manually block the incoming attackers’ IP-addresses in your router/firewall. This is quite hard to do without accidently block on of your player’s IP-addresses.

The very expensive, but easy way is to get a DDoS protection service. Just google it and you will find a list of providers.

“That a real hacker” XDXD Pretty much everyone on Hackforums are skids. I only know of a few people on there who are actually intelligent.
P.S Even blocking the IP could still overload the system, and you’d crash still if it’s any good. Your best bet is blocking him on steam, and waiting, or change the server’s IP.
If you really want to solve this for good, type netstat in your console, while you’re getting DDoSed without any players on, copy all the IPs, look them up on, and where it says ISP or Organization, find their website, and their contact us page should have an abuse email. Just tell them the IP, and they’d be able to look at the logs and shut down the attack on their end.

Yup…I host it from my pc…

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No it’s not like this…That guy can shut down my internet whenever he wants

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Wait how to change the servers IP?

You can’t unless you have a dynamic IP, all I need to do is restart my router - first of all block him on everything and make sure he doesn’t have your skype username, then wait a bit for him to get bored

As I said. netstat to get IPs, report them, tool doesn’t work anymore.
Or just wait it out.

Some ISP routers block DoS attacks. Look into getting one of those.

Verizon gives that as a standard feature on all of their routers.

This is the sad reality of the internet. The only things you can really do is block the IPs or wait for the attack to stop. If the person is persistent you might have to change your IP address. Being said, you shouldn’t be hosting a server of any kind from your home without proper protection.

So you’re saying he should put a condom on his ethernet cable?

Blocked…Seems working…Is there any way that the hacker can still get me?

He’s not a hacker, its a kid who bought a shell booter from HF and that’s it.

If even that; he might just be using LOIC.

Actually, despite public opinion, LOIC is very useful for anyone who is intelligent enough to use it. If you’re intelligent, you can use it to spam certain packets, (exploitable packets) making a simple DoS much more effective than a full on brute strength DDoS. It can be used to exploit the weakness of a server.


I really don’t think he is using LOIC O_O LOIC kinda sucks…It could just tickle me :smiley:

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Loic dont have the power to disconnect a router O_O

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A LOIC with powerful internet can spam your router so you won’t be able to receive anything but those packets sent by LOIC.


I’ve been through this.
Simple answer: wait it out.

If you wait long enough, the guy who’s attacking you will get bored or stop.
Either look into a firewall or layer 7 system or let it go.

Attackers feast on the frustration of server owners.
Be the better man and be patient, and do not speak with him.

I can attest to this.

Plus, c’mon, his title says FP Dept. of Defense, how could he be wrong?