Need help with a map problem...

I downloaded some maps from and I extracted the files into D:\Steam\steamapps\arehn78\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps that’s where youtube told me to put it and I started gmod and started singleplayer on those maps but they were bugged, there were errors everywhere, purple and black squares and so on, am I doing something wrong or is it just something wrong with the maps or the game? Please respond soon.

You probably need Counter Strike: Source.

Or Episode 2. Usually the map creators say whether content from either game is required, though.

Not necessarily. People already have these games, and then when they make a map they don’t pay attention to the exact origin of all their textures; why should they? It’s working when they test it. It’s true, though, that sometimes downloading these games doesn’t fully solve the problem either, in which case you should check the developer console for missing textures noted when loading the map and then go look up those textures and download them separately.

Really you don’t think so? Humans are not always infallible. God has designed the world according to his own plan. You’re kidding. it is? " it is?" sometimes downloading these games does not fully solve the problem either in which case me should check the developer console for missing textures noted when loading the map and then go look up those textures and download them separately? I get it.

Am I the only one wondering, what the fuck?

No, no you arent.

Ahh this guy is an automated bot thing I think. Take a look at these:

This is fucking weird… And there’s loads more, take a look at his posts in his profile. Sorry to clutter up your thread Artimax. Oh dear god, this things everywhere, he only joined in 2010 and he already has near 200 posts, we need a moderator :ohdear:

Ok this isn’t really helping lol, but are you sure? Do I have to have CSS? Because that would be soooooo lame I don’t even like CS…


I can’t bring up my developers console just because I have a swedish keyboard or something…

Go to the My Games tab, right click Garry’s Mod, select Properties, click Set Launch Options and write in -console.

If youtube told you to jump off a cliff…

You put it in


You were supposed to put it in

D:\program files\Steam\steamapps\arehn78\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps

You don’t necessarily have to put it in Program Files.


My old Gmod install on my old PC was in my user folder

But you see I have no program files\ in my D:\ that’s in my C:\ and I installed steam in D:\ because I have 2 of those and my C:\ is almost always full…


And yes coolcorky sure I would jump off a cliff if someone on the internet told me to… Well where was I supposed to put it I had no idea so I checked it up and it seemed rather truthful to me…

Well how could have I known that v:saddowns:v

Tell us the map name.

Then we can tell what games it needs.

Well it isn’t just one map I want to be able to play all the maps but one of them is gm_tropicalwaters… I mean if I have to buy CSS (a game wich I do not even like) just to be able to play some add-on maps on gmod then that’s just… Bad…