Need help with a Map

well this is happening for me often i don’t know how to fix it
here is a picture:

u c that little triangles ? they shouldnt be there

and also i have problems with mapping
here is a picture:

thanks for helping :]

Use the vertex manipulation tool (the one that looks like a wireframe cube on the left) to properly align the corners of your brushes.

Out of interest, how did you make these brushes?

i made 1 using the vertex tool and then i copied the rest …
the non-copied brush isn’t like that
and this is the result

Did you do the vertex manipulation on both ends of the brush? The 2D viewports can be a bitch when using that tool. Sometimes it groups vertices, sometimes it doesn’t.

here is another picture:
it doesnt show the little triangles in the v-tool

On the bottom-right viewport, you can see that the two brushes’ vertices are not properly aligned. Fix that, and try compiling. Post some pictures from in-game.

ok i will


i cant compile it :o


ah well, i give up
thanks for helping
“check for problems tool” fucked up my map

Hammer can’t handle concave brushes very well. Try splitting them up into 2 separate brushes, and it should all work out.