Need help with a new gamemode: Explosive Wars

Im really new to gamemodes and lua, i got a great idea for a gamemode.

Name: Explosive Wars

Types of weapons: Rocket Launchers, mines, gernades, dynamite

Classes: One and only, Explosivteir (ex-plo-sive-teir)

If anyone would help me, i would like to learn and help with this.


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No you don’t, if you wanted to learn you’d do everything on your own.

Don’t be an ass.

Matter of fact, lots of the time people learn from other things. I for one have looked at the work of previous game modes to help me understand it a bit more. No, I could not make a full game mode out yet, but I have learned quite a lot.

Yeah, that’s what you’d do to learn, not get someone to “help” you make a gamemode, you’d make your own while learning from pre-existing scripts. That’s what I did.

This man is truth speak.

I’ve learnt what little I know by cannibalising from other scripts, and some in depth reading of the wiki to find out how different functions work.

What’s wrong with getting some help and learning from it? A lot of my experience came from working on a gamemode with good coders.


You might as well take a look at fretta. It’s relatively easy to learn and sounds like it would suit something like this. Second best to getting a partner, of course.