Need help with a physics problem

Ok, so anyone who has ever built any kind of boat in garrysmod will probably understand what I’m about to talk about.
I started building a boat the other day and I used PHX General Construction 4x6x2 blocks as my hull, (yeah, pretty unimaginitive, but I just built it to serve a purpose). So I applied buoyancy, set their weight to about 10000 each (2 of them) and then added the deck, cockpit, etc. I put it in the water to test it out and it floats alright. Then I apply thrusters. 2 on the back left side, 2 on the back right side, and 1 on the left back side for turning. I drive it around and it accelerates fine, but when I turn it, it keeps going in the same direction, as if its drifting. So now it’s pointed about 45 degrees to the left, but it’s still floating forward in the original direction. I tried countless different configurations of thruster setups, weight adjustments, physical property applications, etc. etc. etc. I realize that this isn’t a glitch, and that it’s a real force that’s supposed to happen, but I’ve had boats in the past that turn much more easily and I don’t know what it is that causes this.
This is extremely infuriating. I have built a boat very similar to the one I’m building now, and it worked fine. I compared the two side by side and tried applying the same weight, thruster setup, etc. that I used on my first one to my current one but to no avail.

If anyone out there has ever encountered this problem and might know a way to counteract this effect, PLEASE post your thoughts below. Any help is greatly appreciated.

When moving forward, press backwards right before turning.
When moving backwards, press forwards right before turning.
When exploding, get the fuck out of there.

No, I know about that and I’ve tried it, but it’s cumbersome and annoying. Plus, I didn’t have to do that with the other boat I had made.

yea i had the same problem with the tank i have added whels to the tiger tank from dod weapons and characters i have seted 9 forword 6 backword on one side and 8 forword and 5 backword on another so when you press 8 and 6 et the same time the tank must spin but it started going forword for some reason! LOL