Need help with a simple script

**Hello everyone, I have bought one script on (this one: and I need help to edit it.

That’s what I need:**

net.Receive( “VaultRemoveDeposit”, function( len, pl )
local Withdrawer = net.ReadEntity()
local Vault = NULL

for k, v in pairs( ents.GetAll() ) do
	if v:GetClass() == "darkrp_vault" then
		Vault = v

if not IsValid( Vault ) then return end
local Customers = Vault:GetCustomers()

if not Customers then return end
if not Customers[ Withdrawer ] then return end
local Money = math.Clamp( Customers[ Withdrawer ].Money, 0, 99999999 )

Vault:EditCustomer( Withdrawer, 0 )
Withdrawer:addMoney( Money )
Withdrawer:PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTTALK , 'Your account has been withdrawn by '.. pl:Name() ..', you recieved $'.. Money ..'!')

end )

**Do you guys see that? The Banker can withdrawn the customer’s money instantly, making it kind of FailRP for bank robbery situations. All I want is that the customer has to wait 60 seconds to receive the money after the Banker withdrawns it.

Thanks everyone!**

Wrong forum idiot.

Stop with the hostile attitude. It helps no one and makes this site appear as a toxic place that provides no assistance. That, mixed with your constant advice for people to reinstall their games in situations that don’t call for it, makes you look like the idiot. Report the thread and move along.

Contact the author on Scriptfodder; posting code from paid addons without permission is generally frowned upon.

Ah, alright. Thanks, sorry for posting it.