Need help with a simple team mod!

I’m quite surprised to find there are no good, proper, team mods for Gmod. I’m not talking about setting teams for user groups in the ULX menu. I’m looking for something just like Team Fortress 2 or Counter Strike. You join the server then have a pick at 2 teams, and then spawn in a different spot according to what team you are on and with team specific prop protection. (Separate spawns would be very nice but not absolutely crucial. I’m not quite sure how easy that would be.) I am hosting a large Battlefield type server and the only thing we are missing to make this perfect would be a team mod like this. This would be very appreciated by anyone that could possibly help me out. Please leave me a reply!

if it’s simple, why can’t you do it?

we aren’t here to spoon feed you.

If I am asking for help then obviously I am not able to do it, asshole. I’m not asking to be ‘spoon fed’. I am simply asking if anyone can whip one together quickly or maybe already has one they are willing to share. Also if you understood regular English you’d gather that the title doesn’t mean that the mod would be simple to make but that it just wouldn’t have to go into tremendous depth. For many Lua experts I’m sure it would be very simple though, this being the whole reason I posted this anyway.

Garry’s Mod already has this built in

Where and how?