Need help with ACT_VM_RELOAD

My problem is everytime I call ACT_VM_RELOAD, it plays a reload sound that is from the weapon model. How can I override that sound?

function SWEP:Reload()
	return true

Thank you for helping also sorry for my bad english.

Probably you can

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Intercept it with the fireanimationevent hook

I was unable, I tried doing print(event) to see what the event was, but there was none.

Is it a custom model?

The model is from Black Mesa Source (Glock 17)

Good. Hex your own version of it and remove the sound events.

Oh, then I am fucked. I have no experience in modeling lol

Yes but calling that lags the game.

What? It’s not like you are hearing that sound every frame?

Well this weapon is going to be used on a NPC, and NPCs lag so I am trying to not to add more lag.

The only times that EmitSound should cause any noticeable lag are when:

You are emitting it constantly instead of once
You are emitting sounds that aren’t precached - the same reason weapons tend to lag when you first spawn them since their models aren’t cached.
(Maybe) the sound is very large

Dude this is piss easy

Take a look, you will need xvi32 to edit the model, from there create the lua table to play the correct sound.

Thank you! I will look at this right now.

Ok let me get this straight-

I am not sure what you mean, sorry I am not experienced with weapons or models. I make SNPCs and entities.

So why the fuck do you need ACT_VM_RELOAD then

To make my NPCS weapon to be useable by players too, but I fixed it by removing random things the model using Hex Editor xD

Wait, so it’s a SWEP used by an NPC that players can pick up
Is the player not supposed to hear the sounds either?

Yes, I wanted the player to be able to use the weapon as well and It’s suppose to hear the sounds but the weapon was using HL1 sounds instead of the actual sounds from Black Mesa, I am going to guess because the BMS team used the HL1 pistol model to make the glock 17.