Need Help With Adding a Source


I bought Garry’s Mod on Steam two or three days ago. However, the only source I have installed is Team Fortress 2.

I got the CounterStrike Source from my friend, but I can’t figure out how to use it with Garry’s Mod.

All the files for CS:S look like this:

How can I make GMod recognize it and use the source while playing?

Is it mounted in the settings of GMod?

Probably not, how do I do that?

It’s under Extensions > Game Content.

If not then how did you get CSS?

No, the checkbox is greyed out.

CS:S I got from my friend.

Then you don’t really have CSS, he just gave you the files.

Right. I have no intention of actually playing CSS, but is there any way I can use it with Garry’s Mod?

Then that’s pirating bro… Sorry. I love pirating but i’m not allowed to support it here so I say

So no one will help me?

Bro, it’s pirating.

If we helped you we would get banned.

You are lucky you haven’t been banned already.