Need help with an E2(Target)

Current Setup:
Ok, I know how to wire target finder, a turret, and beacon sensor.
I used SBep’s Swivel Turret. Or stargate Drones
This is how I wire:

Beacon Sensor(Target) To Target Finder (1)
Then Swivel Turret (X,Y, and Z) to Beacon Sensor (world_X, world_Y, and world_Z)

I activate the swivel, it then aims to any player the target finder… Finds.

Same with the drones. Except the drones have an extra function “Lock”. I wire Lock to target finder, and when drones are launched, they lock on to whatever target finder is targeting.

The Problem:
Well, IDK how to get the target finder to target specific players.

I found several E2’s that target players based on chat inputs such as:

But I have no idea how I would wire it.

What I am looking for is a way to put my current set up into E2 code, then I need to know how to wire it. After that, I just wanna know how I can have it target a specific player.

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile: