Need help with basic downloading and installing on

ok i’m having a really hard time downloading things. on anything i click download on on, it asks to open or save. none of the files are the right size when i save it to anywhere, they are never zipped, and well, they just don’t work. When i open it with bittorent however, it’s the right size. i extract it to the addons/maps file, and they show up ingame, however if it’s a map, the textures are pink and black and it has error messsages and the models just don’t show up. I am just at an end trying to find help for this. i must be the only person having these problems or somthing.

if anyone can help me out, i’d be very thankfull :slight_smile:

yes, i’m a noob at gmod, you don’t have to say it in your answer. :-/

You’re probably missing some kind of content. Make sure you have (and have ran at least once)

Half Life
Half Life 2
Counter Strike: Source

Also may want to run:
Half Life 2 Deathmatch
Half Life 2 Episode 1/2
Team Fortress 2

the only game that i’m using is l4d…so that might be it…i was thinking about getting cs, so that might work out

It’s probably CS or Episode 2.

ok so i think i got everything figured out i think.

I now can get models to work, i just download them to my desktop, open with bittorent, download on bittorent, open it in winrar and extract it to addons.

With the maps, i learned the maps i wanted to play required cs to play them, while others required tf2. some i’m able to just download by doing the same thing, only putting them in maps instead of addons.