Need Help with Binding a Command

SOLVED. thanks

so the console command is ( inventory equip “tuxedo” ) ?

Does “tuxedo” have to be in quotation marks or will it work without

It has to be in quotation mark that’s the problem I’m having…

bind i ‘inventory equip “tuxedo”"’

try that, if it doesn’t work then im stumped as im not the best with binds

Try “tuxedo”

Neither of those worked , you can’t use ’ , you have to use " at the start and end of a bind or it doesn’t work.

locate where your gmod is located and go into the cfg folder. make a file called whatever.cfg. In it put this in: inventory equip “tuxedo” Then go into your Gmod console and do this: Bind “i” “exec whatever.cfg”

Hope it helps

no problem