Need help with Bodygroups and Skins

Is it possible to have something like this?

Like whenever I change a specific bodygroup of my playermodel(torso for example), the v_model hands change along with it.

If so, could anyone tell me how I could do the lua coding for it?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Do a check using

Entity:GetBodygroup( number id )

the number id defines if you are trying to find it for the head, torso, etc. (You should already know this)

the number returned is which bodygroup is currently on. Check that it is == to what you want it to be and then use Entity:SetHands( Entity hands )

Be sure what your setting your hands to is defined like this:

player_manager.AddValidHands( "css_arctic", "models/weapons/c_arms_cstrike.mdl", 0, "00000000" )

To look for yourself, here are the sources:

Would this work with skins too?