Need help with buying a door script

I used this and it gives me the error to my console
includes\util.lua:168: attempt to call method ‘IsValid’ (a nil value)[/lua]

Yes i have got an hud for the door ect just need help fixing this…

may help if you tell us what line 168 is

You do know util.lua is already in garrysmod by default… so its called from that lua it self… the one i posted a link to!

Note: If anyone can fix this ill make a Climb Gamemode like sassilization, and Release it…

  1. We don’t need another climb gamemode
  2. You’re not passing an entity into SetNetworkedEntity

If you know what you are talking about give me an example, because i am pretty sure i know what i’m doing…

Just because people like you don’t want another climb gamemode because you can’t code doesn’t mean others don’t want a climb gamemode.

We can’t help you if you post the line from YOUR script. So obviously you didn’t know what you were doing.

[lua]function OwnDoor(ply, cmd, args)
local trace = ply:GetEyeTrace() – define a name for where the player is aiming
if ( trace.Entity:IsValid() and trace.Entity:GetClass() == “prop_door_rotating” ) then – This line is the error for you idiots if you didn’t know…
if !ValidEntity( trace.Entity:GetNetworkedEntity( “owner” ) ) then – check if the entitys NWEntity has been Set already…
trace.Entity:SetNWString( “owner”, ply ) – Set the NWEntity to ply
if( ply:GetNWInt(“money”) >= 50 ) then – Check weather or not the player can afford to pay for this door.
ply:SetNWInt(“money”, ply:GetNWInt( “money” ) - 50 ) – Deduct the money from the player if he/she can afford it…
concommand.Add(“ownthisdoor”, OwnDoor )

Self explanatory look there next time…

I’m not joking, whatever you’re giving SetNetworkedEntity, it’s obviously not a valid entity, or IsValid would be in its metatable.

I didn’t make this code so give an example if you know lua…

Fixed, i am using a different way.

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Gbps Sorry you don’t know lua, stop being unhelpful to people.

You do know you fucked up the line that was giving you issues? it’s not a problem with the util.lua file.

    if ( trace.Entity:IsValid() and trace.Entity:GetClass() == "prop_door_rotating" ) then
        // do stuff

You still check the class of the entity, regardless of if it’s valid or not (this will give an error if the entity is not valid). It should be:

if ( trace.Entity:IsValid() ) then
        if ( trace.Entity:GetClass() == "prop_door_rotating" ) then
                // do stuff

No offence, but your code made me want to kill myself Octogon.

Not only are you failing epically at tabbing, but you set a NWString as an entity.

Agreed… You should have used GetViewEntity as well, because it’s much more efficient than running a trace.

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