Need help with Character models - Disappearing

Every so often i just like to make scenes on Garrys Mod. Just combine against zombies, all that sort of thing! But lately it keeps bugging. I’ll create, spend an hour or so on, save then quit the game. When i return to it to continue my scene some of the character models i have used disapear. For example i was using combine, rebels, zombies and left 4 dead models. They were all there and fine (note they are models not NPC’s :p) but when i reloaded it the rebel models had disapeared but the others didn’t… This is really annoying as i had used these mostly. Also something really strange is that the models which disapear seem to be screwed up in some ball which is randomly floating in the air, just in the middle of the map? (Gm_construct). Thanks for reading this looong story hope you know what i can do to fix it bye!

Do you have Half life 2 , Half life 2: episode 1 and 2. and it may be your problem that you are missing a game that is not downloaded. check in your steam games.

Uh oh- Time to re download, that happened with my hunter, just delete from local files in steam, and then re download GMOD, if you have any episodes do the same thing.

I have the half life demo, death match. All the characters-props had been working fine for about a year but just lately are going wrong :frowning: But thanks anyway gonna give it ago re-installing.


I unistalled Gmod and removed the Gmod folder from the steam folder. Sadly had no affect, the rebel characters are still disappearing :frowning: Any other ideas?
Steam Games i have:
Condition Zero
Counter strike source
Day of Defeat
Day of Defeat source
Half life 2: deathmatch
Half life 2: lost coast
Left 4 Dead
Half life

I would think to download The Full Half life 2 or maybe Half life 2 : episode 2.