Need help with collision model for gmod

So I’m new to modeling and I’ve managed to rig and compile this model I’ve been working on. However, when I check the collision model in HLMV, this is what shows as the collision box:

I thought that that was because I set the collision model to be the same as the reference model (which has bones), so I made another collision model without the bones and recompiled it, but the collision model became this:

I don’t know what to do to link up the models. I also don’t know if I’m using the correct terms or not, so correct me where necessary.
I can post the qc code if it’s requested.

(Not 100% confirmed information!)
I am only good with prop collisions, but if I recall correctly it was pretty much same thing.

You need to create 15 boxes I think,
Left/Right Feet.
Left/Right lower leg.
Left/Right thigh.
Lower abs.
Chest. (Lower abs and Chest could be 1 collision box, I can’t remember properly).
Left/Right Shoulder/Arm upper.
Left/Right section between hand and elbow basically.
Left/Right hand.

I think that’s it.
Then you need to attach these to original skeleton bones, assign each segment to unique smoothing group and apply same texture to all of them.


Yeah I was right.

A bone that is attached to a hull has collision and movement whereas bones without hulls just move with their parent. 15 is probably the reccomended minimum number but it’s not any necessary requirement, though you can only have up to 25. Each hull should only be weighted to one bone.