Need Help With Crashes

I run DarkRP on a dedicated server with windows 2008. My server crashes with random timings and does not print an error in console on crash.

I read the dump file on GDump, and got this error:

It could be the recent update but I am really not sure. 2 days ago (after the GMOD update) I updated to the most recent ULX, DarkRP, Deagle Logs and RocketMania’s car dealer.

Can anyone help me please?

You are crashing right after or in process of mounting c: cafiles\users\admin\1\garrysmod\addons\vcmod1, maybe try removing it temporarily?

Are you sure? Can you show how you worked that out so I don’t have to bother people with dump files anymore. Because in game VCMOD is working perfectly with no bugs.

EDIT: My server just ran for around 1-2 hours before crashing and now it came on for 10 mins and crashed again.

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Did this start occuring before or after the recent update?