Need help with creating an Aeroplane

Hey, I’m a newbie to Gmod and I’m trying to create a fairly realistic-controlled Aeroplane.

I’ve tried using thrusters for it, and it works fairly well. With the right Thruster settings I can get the plane to pitch realistically, without doing a barrel-roll every time I want to move it, and I can simulate the slow lifting of the nosecone due to the forces of gravity on a fast-moving object. It all feels very nice.

That is, until I let go of the ‘rise’ button or hold it too long.

Basically, the gravitational pull on the front of the object is really huge when I let go of the thrusters. As soon as I take my finger off the button it nosedives straight towards the ground.

Likewise, when it reaches a certain point it starts rising way too fast and the whole plane does a flip before I can even counter it (Even if I could I’d just go into auto-nosedive mode anyway).

So, how can I stop the plane from diving and flipping so easily?

I’ve tried putting a toggle thruster on the bottom of it that’s just strong enough to not lift the front end off the ground, but strong enough to counter a bit of the weight of the front of the plane, the problem with this is that, although it sort of helps a bit with the diving, when I try to lift the front of the plane to ascend, it flips over even easier than before.

This is really quite puzzling. Is it just a matter of getting the right ratios with thrusters? Or is there some other tool that might help me with this puzzle?

Hmm, perhaps you need to fiddle with the weight tool, or perhaps make the back heavier?

Ooh, there’s a weight tool? I didn’t know that, I’ll go stuff around with it now.

Another question, does this game take forever to save? Whenever I try to save it just freezes, I left it for about 2 minutes and then ended hl2.exe because it was still frozen. I don’t see why it would take so long to save the game with only a handful of props in it. My GPU drivers are up to date and I’ve verified the integrity of the game cache. I don’t have any addons installed. What could be causing this?

well what proccessor do you have? your pc might not be able to handle somethings

Just add ADv Dup, Garry broke his game for this time being :V

And for the Weight, you should properly add if I can fucking remember there should be Wire sensor, to Wire hoverball (YES A FUCKING HOVERBALL) to a CPU expression can’t fucking remember it but I used to do it in my massive PHX2 building days, (Content largely missing due to capped ISP and crappy GFX)

I have a T6500 Core 2 Duo (Laptop processor). I’m running the game at max settings with around 200 fps when nothing much is happening. 100 when I start to create a bunch of props. Probably around 30 if somebody spams stuff.

well turn down the settings, that could help

I think you will find Update 69 broke Garry’s mod, mine just started acting up weird, (as in it broke fucking wire, FUCK)