Need help with custom gamemode(money mod and mini shop)

I’m working on making my own custom gamemode. I’m not sure exactly what the objective of the game will be yet, but I need a “money mod” like in the sazzilization servers so that people could check how much money they have, and other people and by doing certain task you can get more money. Also I need a little menu so when u press “f2” it will open and first tab will be instructions on what to do, and next tab would be a little shop where you could buy permanent items with the money you earn, I.E. Hats, trails, player models, acceseries, etc. I am willing to pay some money (amount depends on how it looks, etc) we can discuss the details on steam but I will offer like 10-15$ probably. If your interested then just pm me or comment that ur interested and i’ll give u my steam id.

That’s a little to excessive for only 15 $.

Well, first of all if your not going help please don’t post and second it’s real money for something that doesn’t actually even cost anything + its my money, not yours. Thanks for the help ^^

yeah but it does take hard work to get big money systems working. If you knew how to do it you probably wouldn’t run around doing it for free either. Also setting player models and integrating it into SQL all that is a pain in the ass go try to learn it and figure that out

… I said I can discuss how much you would get payed exactly via steam once i find someone that is interested, now please don’t comment on this post unless you are going to help me or have some lua code to give me.