Need help with Darkrp server

I installed the lastest version of darkrp but for some reason when i buy a weapon off the f4 menu it says i buy it but it is invisible… i spam e on the ground and i am able to pick it up and see it so i dont know what is wrong…

Make sure CSS is mounted on the server and its also mounted on your gmod client.

Yeah, I’v been on a server once that had that problem to, What natekit said make sure CSS is mouted on the server, But if that doesn’t work try to get maybe other weapons like if you got mad cow use Css realistic or something, if that doesnt work just keep fixing stuff around the server then maybe at the end when your done everything it’ll work or something idk just try lucking it after that. Or maybe re-do addentites.lua

A good way to see if it’s mounted correctly is to drop some money. If they begin flying around it’s not.

Also, I’m pretty sure DarkRP is checking if CSS is installed correctly.

You first need to download Counter Strike: Source onto your server and mount it. To download it get SteamCMD which creates the servers. You can find this here. When you open up SteamCMD let it update and type this in the following:

login anonymously

After that type in:

force_install_install_dir C:\GMODLOCATION 

Type in the directory above. (you are gonna delete it later)
Then type:

app_update 232330

Then after that finishs you need to validate it so type in:

app_update 232330 validate

After that let it everything download. Might take 30 - 1 hour depending on the speed of your internet. Then take the cstrike file in the directory that you installed it and put that in the main directory of your gmod server. We are almost done. Now we need to go into our CFG file and edit the mount.cfg file with notepad or notepad++ (whatever you have). When you go into copy and replace this with the one you have:

	"cstrike"	"C:\GMODLOCATION\cstrike"
	// "tf"			"C:\mytf2server	f"

After all this we are done. Tell me if you have a problem.

thanks guy got it fixed :slight_smile: