Need help with DarkRP server

earlier i was thinking about how i wish there was at least ONE darkrp server that isnt full of minges/prop killers/ rdmers/ etc. and i decided id just start my own server and that way i wouldnt have to wait for an admin whenever someone was being an ass. anyway, i followed this ( )tutorial and everything worked out fine. but i am clueless as to what im supposed to do after i do all of this. when i run the server a command prompt opens up, fires off several lines of technical jargon that i dont understand, i noticed some errors show up regarding some model like “Male_01” and such, but errors with models shouldnt interfere with the running of the server. then at the end of it all it says

“attempted to create unknown entity type info_ladder
can’t init info_ladder”

this is repeated several times, then at the very end it says

“Failed to load steam serviceservicestart : failed to startservicestart : failed to
startconnection to steam servers successful.
VAC secure mode is activated.”

i dont know what to do about those “failed to load” errors, i dont know if when this is working perfectly it should run gmod immediately or if i have to run it through steam and find my server on a list or what, all i know is that when it runs this way my server is not on the list of servers. can anyone please help?

Nevermind, i figured it all out. thanks for absolutely nothing…