need help with decay, not sure whats going on

Hello I have a server, Im not sure if decay is default on or off or it needs to be put in the command line. All I know is I built a twig structure, for test purposes with no doors yesrerday, and today more than 12 hours later it still stands. Right now I dont have any decay commands in the start up command line, and I also wouldnt know what the default is. Please help, i am sure this is something simple

In console/rcon write decay.scale then you will see what the decay rate is at, if 0 then it’s off, if it’s 1 then it’s fully on…

If you need to change it to off, then just write decay.scale 0

thank you! i just checked it, i wasnt aware of that command, its set to 1, not sure why the twig structure hasnt fallen down yet then?