Need help with dedicated server again

I’ve been trying to get my dedicated server to come up under the internet tab on the servers window and it won’t show up for some reason and I’ve been trying to get it to come up for months does anybody know how to get it to come up?

P.S. I’m not sure if I put this in the right section and if not can someone move it to the right one.

I think the thread belongs to both this section and the server hosting because this section says “Support”.

If you are running on a router you will need to forward your ports. Tried to go to ?
Also I got mine to work by closing the port 27030.

If you’re hosting it locally it will only ever show up on your LAN tab to you. Ask somebody else to try and connect to it. Also, do what themaw said.

I always select internet never LAN.

Also I’ve been to like a million times.

I have port 27015 forwarded but it still doesn’t show up

I’ve also had more than one person look for me and they can’t see it.