Need help with Derma/Darkrp combining

  1. How would i make something(IDK like a buton) and it will cost money. Like if you press a button you loose 20. ( In derma menus) (darkrp)
  2. How Would i make people connect to my other servers. ( Connect is blocked, but some servers have it worked.)
  3. How would i make entities spawn button without sv_cheats on ? (derma entitie menu or osmething)
  4. Is there any list of V’s ( Derma, like i know these two: v:Nick(),v:Frags(), maybe like who’s admin or something)
  5. How would i make so like When you enter a command in textentry(derma) it’ll do something? something with this …DermaText:GetValue()… and then if valua is “disconnect” then RunconsoleCommand(“disconnect”) or something like that xD
  6. Help mee <33333333333

We help you with your code, not code for you for free. Look into the hire thread for this.

Im trying to learn, not going to pay… -.-

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I dont need you to code for me, i need to know How…

then learn how to do it…learn lua.

If you think “v” means anything, you obviously need to study more