need help with detailing

okay so ive been mapping for a long time but no one of my maps are pretty, at all. In the start i thought “just focus on the gameplay” but now i wanna make a awesome looking map, so if anyone has some tips on how to detail your map properly or maybe even a tutorial i could really use it.
sidenote first post in a long time so don’t judge me

example of my latest map

Nobody will you help you there, wrong place.

then tell me, please, where should i go

Wrong. Facepunch is more apt to help people that make their own content and those who type out well written posts.

That being said -
Get some reference pictures op. Just for practice, find a picture of a decently detailed building or structure and make it in hammer to the best of your knowledge. If you’re not going for a fantasy map, real world building construction usually fits well for CS:GO.

I find one of the biggest things is good textures. Good textures can do a lot of work for you instead of immense brush detail. Also be sure to add some variation in your texture usage. Don’t use the same 5 textures over the whole entire map…unless they blend well of course. Good models with proper usage works very well too. It can add a lot of detail to your map in a short amount of time and effort.

Practice, you’ll git gud eventually with persistence.

No it isn’t…this is the mapping section.

Add trims and borders to the walls and floors. Even little breaks in the same texture will help. Metal supports, vents, and props that fit in the space. Barrels with oil stains under them, signs of life. There is quite a lot of little bits of detail you can add, its just a case of working out what can go where.

Start out by defining buildings, separating some of those bare brick boxes and giving them different texture styles and windows. Pick a theme. Look up reference pictures. Pick a interesting sky box and adjust your lighting to it. Add doors, break up those flat brickwalls.

Your map doesn’t look THAT bad to begin with. With some imagination it could really look nice.

Wow you’re really rude.

Seriously though, it depends on what you want it to be really. I’d say think about the overall theme of the map. What is it that you want the map to represent? When you know that, you can start brainstorming about what you can make each area be. I’d start one section at a time, thinking about what exactly you want that section to look like, and then detailing shouldn’t be so hard to figure out.

Good luck!

Keep a folder of reference images for inspiration but don’t just look at them and start mapping. If you want to make a realistic, detailed hotel for example, don’t just look at hotel pictures and start constructing what you think a hotel looks like. Really take a good look at the reference image and examine how the building is put together then imagine what it would actually look like in the Hammer editor, including proportions and position of detail objects like pipes, plants etc.

Even seemingly complicated environments can be broken up into simple shapes and elements that you can recreate like the example below:

(You don’t have to do what I did here, you can do it in your mind if you prefer, but it’ll be easier to follow if you have an image to work from)

thanks for the support and i figured some new methods out. i dont know if it looks any good but heres a comparison between some textures tell me what you think becouse i dont know if it fits together at all.

i also found some pictures of buildings and tried to recreate it in hammer and retexture it.
thanks for the help so far it has given me alot of good ideas
the trims tip was helpful especially for separating buildings

I’m guessing that’s some manner of storage which it doesn’t look like the players would have access to? Play about with the roof a little, put bits of fencing about the top if it’s not meant to be accessible, have it slant away from the wall, gutter piping running down the corners.

This last bit may not be solid advice, but I tend not to ever let the player be able to look at something and have it only be one texture. If they’re looking at a wall from the pvement, they might see the brick texture and a decal, a window, a gutter or anything. Avoid crowding, but try not to let it get too vacant.

if someone for some reason is still reading this thread, can you then give me some hints on stylizing a tunnel?
it looks like this right now. i couldnt find any pictures or artwork to base it on.

(im not sure if its ok the ask this on this forum but might aswell try)

For tunnels, try placing some pipes along the ceiling or on the wall and dim down the lighting if your going for a sewer-type feeling.

It’s easy to find references in this day and age. I’m assuming you’re going for an urban theme, so just search Google Images with ‘urban tunnel’, ‘urban underpass’, ‘building underpass’, or any similar descriptions. You should be able to find something you like within the gallery it gives you.

just the idea i needed thanks for the help with inspiration. i think it looks good now
ill need to add some hide spots like boxes and stuff…

“imagine the boxes and stuff”

edit: just noticed that this was a horrible angle to take the picture from cant see the stuf i made on the wall.

You’ve added a dirt decal to the wall, but there’s nothing that matches it on the floor, try fixing that. Tunnels like that will likely have graffiti on the walls, cans and the like against the wall. If you’re trying to make the tunnel feel disused, lighting will go a long way, a yellower, sicklier light can go a long way towards enhancing that.

It’s a really good start though!

Personally I would suggest finding a theme, layout, and everything before you make the map. You can plan out the gameplay before hand along with theme, which makes things much easier.

well… i tried making it all urban. ended up with a huge lightning bug,
second off i want to use lightning flicker, but isnt it annoying for the payer? when it comes to game play?

Flickering lights are broken in CS:GO, it’s the cause of your lighting bug.

:confused: damn well i re-rendered it without flicker

but i dont think it matters, the flicker would have been disturbing while playing…

ok so im on to my bombsites… they are plain, and ugly.

how could i find inspiration here… i dont have a picture of a… well… open high ground plaza…
im clueless

ok new question. i have alot of big slopes in my map, should i replace them with stairs? because its more realistic and it looks better?