Hello i am currently trying to extract the .gma files so i can make them legacy addons. Although i found the program on the forums, the website is down and i cant download it. does anyone have the program on their hard drive still? If so can you upload it and post the link to it bellow.

Thank You
Dont forget to vote guys so garry can see that nobody like .gma!

I voted no because .gma keeps a vast majority of kids from editing 2 lines and reuploading it as their own work.

thats true but maybe have a seperate workshop that detects your source detecated server. but ya i agree but still fucking anoying that you need a thirdparty program

So you’re saying Garry should work to maintain not only his game, but also two separate workshop systems when the system we have now works if you do it correctly?

Well I’m saying maybe make it easyer to use the .gma files

I think if anything, maps shouldn’t be .gma so we can easily add it to our FastDL

Bricky that’s the ticket