Need help with FastDL

So i now started to use dropbox fastdl but players doesn’t seem to download it…

my code : sv_downloadurl “

Any help?

I googled it…

No answers

Go on help and support, you aren’t developing. But since I am here might has well help you.

I (although I am not 100% sure) am pretty sure that you can’t set it up on stuff like MediaFire or DropBox. It has to be on a legit website that you have ftp access to. My FastDL website is on my forum for example, is my forum and I put the FastDl on You have to take the Materials, sounds, models, resource, and maps folders from your server and upload them to your website. I just don’t think websites like DropBox work.

Also be more patient next time, a 4 hour wait wont make or break your server.

What sites can i actually use? Not talking about mediafire or dropbox

Looking at that Dropbox URL, it looks poorly formatted, and I believe that is the only thing wrong with it.

If I’m guessing properly, FastDL uses HTTP to request files, and Dropbox allows HTTP.

That’s what a real DL link would look like, and as far as I know, they expire. If they do, you might be better off finding a real host, or using a free hosting site, such as 000webhost or something, or a paid host.

If they don’t, use them all you want, no real difference.

You’ll have to own a domain and host it on that. You’ll have to pay money for hosting (most likely)

Either self-host or buy a host.