Need help with forcedownloader.

I have been having problems getting the forcedownloader to work for my server, the thing is that when my friend joins he downloads all the files but when I spawn the models which i downloaded from it appears as errors.
My forcedownload lua file is named resource.lua and is placed in lua/autorun/server it looks something like this.

if SERVER then
resource.AddFile (“models/grim.phy”)
resource.AddFile (“models/grim.sw.vtx”)
resource.AddFile (“models/grim.vvd”)
AddCSLuaFile (“autorun/Metroplayers.lua”)

I have more downloads but im not pasting them all in here.
Anybody know how to fix this, I have tried everything I can come up with.

Are you using FastDL?

Yes i am using fastdownload, my host have a fastdownloadsystem set up for me so that i can upload the files easy to the fastdownload URL, the files on the fastdownload URL are not in bzip2 as i heard they should be in so i asked them but they told me it should work anyway.

If you’re friend is ‘downloading’ the files but it appears as an error, I’m pretty sure the files aren’t on the FastDL server.

What do you mean? When I visit the fastdownload URL I see and download all the files manually and when a friend connects it says he is downloading the files but the strange thing is that you need to re-download the files everytime you connect to the server and you still see errors. If okay for you i could pm my fastdownload URL and my forcedownload lua file to you so you could take a look at it.

Sure go ahead.