Need help with gamemode.txt file

My name is DanK aka PIXX and my problem is that my gamemode doesn’t show up in the dropdown menu.

I receive this error in console:

KeyValues Error: LoadFromBuffer: missing { in file gamemodes/swrp2/swrp2.txt

and this is the swrp2.txt

    "base"  "sandbox"
    "title" "StarWarsRP"    
    "menusystem" "1"
    "workshopid" "869056860"

What am I doing wrong?


    "base" "sandbox"
    "title" "StarWarsRP"  
    "maps" "^rp_"
    "menusystem" "1"

Did not work, just saying the same thing :confused:

What software are you using to edit or save the file? It could be saving it with some weird encoding. Your best bet is to use notepad, save as and pick ANSI for the encoding.

I am using Sublime Text2. I should probably change the encoding to ANSI then. Thanks for the help

It might be called something else in Sublime, like ASCII. UTF-8 will also achieve the same result in this particular case.

Nope still broke, wtf?

It might be simple but you could upload the file on Pastebin or somewhere? It looks correct but it feels as if one of the characters might look the same but actually be a different character.

^ Here you go :smiley:

Okay one more idea: you might have a duplicate file which is taking precedence over the one you’re editing.

Look under garrysmod/gamemodes/swrp2/
Then under garrysmod/addons/<every folder here>/gamemodes/swrp2
And finally, it might be in gma addons, so try disabling all of them via the menu and restarting gmod.

I did this:

  1. Checked if there were any duplicated files, there was not.
  2. I removed every addon I had (which was like 11). Restarted Garry’s Mod.
  3. Checked if I had the gamemode in the gamemode folder, no swrp2.

Still got the error :confused:

There was a empty file. It made the addon fuck itself. Please end me <3