need help with gamemode

blah blah blah im making a Team death match game mode this is what i need from you guys

1st off i need to find a way to get the files to and from everyone >_> i fail

--lol google code...


*Twitch* GRAMMAR!?!

DOH! i forgot to make menu for classes and teams as of now class is at random and teams are switched by pressing “Shift” Sorry on that its the best i can do i dont know how to do f1 f2…

so far the classes are worked out as (fast moving person with pistol kinda like tf2 scout, a slow moving gun with MG like tf2 heavy, a person with shotty and grav gun, and a person with a smg) theres more plusses and minuses to each class like the scout like one has less health but moves fast and the heavy more health but moves slow I need a menu to be made for these classes if u think u can do it post here or contact me over steam my acc name is Doc Doomsday

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I dont care who helps me i mean tell ur lua coding friends(if u have any) maybe they can help i just really want to see this happen cuz its awsome currently all i need to do is the menu and then i can start putting it on my server

and something that i would like to look into later after a couple versions and we get all the bugs worked out is a rewards system that Saves your (kills,deaths,blahblahblah) and a points system where you get money per kill that u can use to buy new weapons (which i can make ill just use default css models for them) and the weapons would also save i know this is a really ambitious thing and i dont expect many ppl to help but if u can please sign up here

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