Need Help with garage door

I want to make a garage door. I need it to move realistic and I need to know how. Any help would be great.

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Make a brush for the garage door and tie it to a func_door_rotating, then make it open outwards like in the picture.
Make a nodraw brush in the shape of a bar inside the garage door at the ceiling, and make that one a func_door, and parent the garage door to the func_door.

Make the func_door moving inwards into the garage when you open the func_door_rotating
So on open, the garage door would open upwards while following the func_door into the garage

on the func_door_rotating, (the garage door) you will want this output:

OnOpen -> garage_top_bar -> Open

func_movelinear is good too

Wasn’t there a rolling door model in Half Life 2: Episode 2?

If you check the picture he linked, you can clearly that a rolling door is not what he wants though