Need help with globale bans module! ERROR! why!

Let me clarify. You must have the libmysql.dll file wherever your hl2 is. You’ll have to google this as I am on my phone right now.

You don’t seem to understand that noone is going to help you with your leaked scripts.

I would insist you go to Coderhire and hire someone to help you, but your banned.

Tenpenny your stupid…im not using any leaked scripts all it is…is a globaleban module that you setup with mysql and I got the banmodule from facepunch…

Okay well sorry about that, but you HAVE been using leaked scripts before. You were banned for it.

I won’t argue though, no point.

But yeah do you have the .dll file where your hl2 and garrysmod.exe are?

You should license your server operating system that you’re running adobe suite on