Need help with GMod 9 multiplayer

let’s start out by saying that I already have the most recent Garrysmod (the $10 one), but I downloaded gmod 9 to try it out. it’s fun, but whenever I try to join a multiplayer server, it says that “your version does not match the servers.” what does this mean, and how do I fix it? I want to see what gmod 9 multiplayer is like.

Garrysmod 9 doesn’t automatically update like Garrysmod 11 does, so I think you have to download each version individually to update.

The server either has a newer version of Gmod 9, or you do. Try to find out which version of Gmod 9 it is, and then download it off the internet ( not steam if you downloaded it off steam. )

hmm…I got 9.0.4 off moddb, and it says the server’s version is 9.0.4…

9.04B Maybe?

I’m not sure but… I think recently disabled gmod9 online

Garry: All questions/Problems relating to GMod 9 - Get GMod 10.



He already has GMod 10.

You need to dis-mount a few games.

actually read, before making yourself look like a jackass.