Need help with gmod playermodel modelling.

So hi guys,i know this really isnt modelling,but idk where to put it.
So,i want to use the standard german (DoD:S) model from gmod.I have the folder,model and textures set up and it all works fine.BUT,i want to change a few things.

I want to remove the helmet,replace it with a hat of my own,and remove some (maybe all) gear from the model.Is it possible and how? I tried doing it in blender but i failed.Miserably.

Thanks for the help in advance!

its very easy, try something like milkshape 3d

right click on your playermodel, then go to edit mode and press p, the press “By loose Parts”. Then exit edit mode(using tab)

You can also turn the parts you want to remove/adds into bodygroups