Need help with Gmod

I’m sure this has been asked atleast 5 million times but I haven’t found any solutions that fit my hardware. I am using a laptop with Vista Home edition service pack 1 with a Pentium dual core T2390 processor (processors), a 358 mg video card, 32 bit OS, and 3.00 gb of RAM and about 4.5 gb of Virtual RAM. So what happens is I click on gmod and the loading screen comes up (the one where it shows a guy holding a traffic cone on gmans head) and shortly afterward it goes black screen and then goes to desktop and says “hl2 has stopped working” and wants me to close it. What the hell? I am so frustrated and haven’t found any fixes that work for my laptop. I’ve tried everything from reinstalling steam and gmod to verifying game cache. Help would be very appreciated.

This might sound dumb, but go to the Start menu on the desktop, go to search and search for the Run program. Once you have the Run program open, type in RegEdit, delete all steam and garry’s mod stuff, also some stuff that you don’t use, and try again.

So, what just delete all gmod and steam stuff and reinstall?


Ok doing that now. I hope it works.

First off, you don’t need to search for the Run program. You can type it directly into the search bar (Or in Windows XP’s case, Start -> Run…).
Secondly, you don’t need to remove the registry files to reinstall a program.

Well, actually in some cases you do because when I was tryin to install oblivion it said I already had it installed, so I went into the registry file and deleted all Bethesda stuff and installed it again. It worked perfectly once i cleand it up.

GAH! Still getting the same bullshit. I even tried waiting a while (in my case two hours) and it still didn’t work. And yeah I didn’t bother with the registry shit.