Need help with Hatschat 2 :)

Hello, on my server, there is the hatschat box, working fine, the only problem is that i can’t even go in the server options from the box, (I contacted the owner but he won’t respond.) i’m superadmin, i add the HatsChatAdmin_Config (i’m using ULX) permission to admin and superadmin group but it’s still not working. in the option tab from the box , i don’t have the “server settings”. Can you please help me ? Thanks,

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Contact the author

Hi thx for the answer but already did that

And? We can’t really help with a paid addon, unless someone who happens to own it knows how to solve your issue.

It should be in the config file. Check for proper spelling and capitalization. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to try to get something a bit easier and better looking like AtlasChat.

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I personally have met the maker of HatsChat. He is rude and is only there to take your money. His “Customer Service” is… less then desired.

Thanks for the answer guys :slight_smile: lets see in the config file…

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Watched the config files, i can’t find anything related to it :confused:

Up please