Need help with head movement pose parameters

I have a problem with having the head_yaw and head_pitch pose parameters working on a custom model… When I add the autoplay and delta lines (which is supposed to overlay over any animation) to the .qc sequence of the head movement sequences, it completely fucks the model up. It rotates 90 degrees, floats up, and the bones are stretched out like crazy, but the pose parameters work fine on the head. When I remove the delta, it overrides the animation, so obviously it’s stuck in a t-pose except for the head. And when I get rid of of autoplay, the pose parameters do not even work. What should I do to get the head parameters to work properly and to work over all animations at all times. I’m using the cs go hostages in the characters folder (css hostages/hl2 males) as a reference to get the head parameters qc code. I also re-exported the anims multiple times to make sure they were on the same bones as the model itself, so that isn’t the issue.

Here is the qc:


Delta sequences require that the animation has been subtracted first. See more here.

Which animation should I subtract?? For some reason when I move the pose parameters to the farthest left values it returns the bones to their original positions and it works, but only for facing down and left…

I don’t have a clue how this delta and subtracting stuff works, any ideas?

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Nevermind, I got it to work with a little more reference from the cs go anim qcs.