Need help with hexing.

Before I start, no, I’m not looking for a currently existing tutorial, I’ve looked through numerous ones and they either don’t work, are barely understandable, or just explain the wrong thing.

I was actually hoping there’d be somebody willing to guide me through this first-hand. So, would there be anybody willing to teach me how to hex ragdolls? It’d be much appreciated.

I’d teach you, but it’s 3 in the morning and I’m going to bed.

You could try my tutorial or wait for someone else, or if you’re really patient, wait for me to wake up. I really have no reason to sleep other than to regain enough energy to mow my lawn.

I can wait. If nobody else offers, I’ll try to reach you next time we’re both on.

Bumping this thread, just in case there’s anybody else willing to help.