need help with /hitmenu

so i’ve run a TF2 server in the past and even started making my own tf2 map and i run a minecraft server currently, and now i decided i want to try running a darkrp server (one thats heavily patrolled against DMers) and i want to add the hitman job but i can’t get /hitmenu or /hits to work i tried downloading the darkrp assasin v1.5 mod and installed it into almost every folder in my server setup and the most i get is “warning: unhandled usermessage ‘cl_hit_menu’” and the least i get is /hitmenu written in chat, so i’m thinking either there must be a conflict or i’m installing it into the wrong folder.

so if anyone can help me with installing this mod correctly or by directing me to a better hitmenu mod (and maybe telling me how to install that one) then i would very much appreciate it and thank you in advance

Check this one out:

yeah i saw that but it doesn’t want to work for me plus while watching the video it looked like the guy used it to fake a hit, and as much as i like the hitman class, i don’t want people to be able to just make it look like someone placed a hit when really they just toggled it themselves

well it is capable of sending admins a message of the hit…

and they can obviously just ask who called the hit in ooc. And in many servers you MUST tell them who it is in ooc if they do ask.

true but like i said i can’t get that one to work either even though i do love the way it looks better then the other mods i’ve seen