Need help with HUD

I need help with this problem I’m having I can see the players name and health in the middle of my screen and don’t know how to remove it.

Here is a screensot of what I mean:

Can anyone help me.

Kindest regards Jeromy Han

You should try adding this function ( somewhere along the lines of your current HUD (Heads-up Display) which will disable drawing the players info when you hover over a them with your crosshair or mouse.

Where do I place this?

Assuming that you’re using Richard’s ‘[HUDHive] The DarkRP HUD’ script purchased on ScriptFodder you’d place this in a file named with a ‘cl_’ prefix. I can’t really say the exact location since I haven’t purchased this following heads-up display.

Thank you for the help and I found a fix for anyone having this problem just don’t disable the default DarkRP hud in the disable_deafaults.lua