Need help with importing Models from games into Gmod

So I’m a noob in the topic of ripping or importing models. I have only once tried to import something but without success. As a guide I have been using a Steam Guide ( ), the problem with that guide was that some programs were outdated and many links were removed. I’d like to start now again from the beginning with your help. I already have some apps like Milkshape 3D 1.8.5, VTFEdit or GUIStudioMDL.exe. I’ll be very thankful for any step by step guides or tutorials :). this shouuld help a bit, theres a few parts to this series

Just to clarify, Im trying to import from other games models and not models from gmod.

Depending on the models file format you’ll need an importer to get it into blender which you should find here then solong as you have the source tools exporter you can then export the model in source format ready to compile using crowbar

Now i have exported it but i have no clue how to compile it… also the model that i extracted has no texture, how do i add it ?

befoe you export the model from blender you need to make sure you apply the material and UV unwraping it so you can edit the texture file to a .VTf and .VMt for the model this should help with uv mapping and unwrapping , then you have to export the model as an .SMD and if its a player model or npc you’ll need to write a .QC file so when you compile the model in Crowbar everything will be ok this should help with ingo on how to compile and set up the model and QC file this is how far i got with your tutorial, but as you can see the textures are completly wrong edited and i simplydont know how to continue. Would you mind adding me on steam? If no then search for Gnusn and you should find me :slight_smile:

added, when you accept can you send a link to the files so i can take a look at them :slight_smile: